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Natural Environmentally Friendly Household Cleaners

Many people use a vast array of chemical-laden household cleaners and products around the home on a daily basis.

What they may not be aware of is the fact that many of these chemicals can be damaging to their health when inhaled. Apart from the inhalation aspect, skin irritations often occur when coming into contact with many chemical cleaners.

Many disinfectants contain phenol ( aka carbolic acid ) or cresol. These can attack the central nervous system, liver, kidneys, spleen, and pancreas.

How can adding a load of chemicals to your home environment be good for your health and cleanliness. They […]

Sustainability Report

DevMar Products, LLC, is committed to aligning our business goals with a positive impact on society and a minimal carbon footprint on the environment. How to grow sustainably is the biggest challenge facing companies everywhere. The greatest need of the 21st century is to provide a good standard of living for 7 billion people without depleting the earth’s resources or running up massive levels of public debt. To achieve this, government and business alike will need to find new models of growth which are in both environmental and economic balance. Through rigorous internal policies and active engagement with outside […]

Nashville Chamber Edge Article

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Sharon Reynolds, CEO
DevMar Products, LLC and DevMar Manufacturing, LLC
A decade-old, woman-owned business that has recently pivoted, DevMar Products LLC shows how strategic planning can transform a business and position you for significant growth.

Q: What is DevMar Products, LLC?

DevMar Products launched in 2007 and DevMar Manufacturing in the summer of 2012. Originally, my customers were businesses in need of janitorial products. However, over the past two years the focus has switched to distributing products that […]

Sharon Reynolds: The Cleaner

When she named DevMar Products over a decade ago, Sharon Reynolds says she “had no idea what it was going to be.” But given that her two sons, Devin and DeMarco, inspired the name, she just knew it had to matter.
“Whatever I did, in terms of starting this company,” she says, “I wanted it to mean something.”
Almost six years later, in an interview at the office space she shares with her husband’s company, Reynolds and Reynolds Janitorial Services, she gives an effortless pitch that anyone would buy: DevMar products are the green solution to the […]