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DevMar Products Brings Young Enterprising Women Mentoring Forum To Nashville

Nashville Young Enterprising Women Mentoring Forum

“You have to see it to be it.” These words have been spoken over the years by trailblazers who have used their achievements as a platform to inspire other women and young girls. In that spirit, DevMar Products, LLC teamed up with Enterprising Women Magazine to present Nashville’s first Young Enterprising Women Mentoring Forum. This national program, sponsored by the Enterprising Women Foundation, provides high school girls with the opportunity to connect with outstanding women in business in their local community.

Held at Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School on Thursday, November 29th, sixty high school girls filled the […]

How To Keep Employees Safe In Commercial Kitchens

Keep Employees Safe in Commercial Kitchens

The impact of slips, trips, and falls can be devastating. These incidences account for most workplace accidents in the U.S. and cost companies millions of dollars every year. Slips, trips, and falls contribute to about 15% of all workers’ compensation expenses and cost employers approximately $40,000 per incident. Around 30% of people who suffer a slip and fall sustain moderate to severe injuries including bruises, head injuries, and hip fractures. But the good news is that most slips, trips, and falls are the result of human error and can be avoided with proper training and care.

Using Adapt™ to keep a healthy and clean Workplace

There are many things that can hinder your business productivity and efficiency, but one of the most basic and important of them all is ‘cleanliness’. Many business owners, may not believe a clean workspace is a pressing issue when running their business, but keeping an office clean at all times, will make your employees more productive, and will keep your customers happy.

Some of the benefits of a clean office include:

– Reduction of stress
– Improving physical health
– Great first impression
– and saving time dealing with clutter

That is why we suggest using Adapt w/mPale […]

Green Your Office With These Lighting & Electrical Changes

In addition to trying to live greener at home, many of us are trying to make our offices more environmentally friendly as well. A greener workplace can mean a lighter ecological footprint, a healthier and more productive place to work, and good news for the bottom line. One way to make a difference in your workspace is to make some changes to how you use your lighting and electrical appliances.

Below is a list of recommendations that can help make your office a more sustainable place to work.

1. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance of electrical units, heating appliances and lighting […]