Using Adapt™ to keep a healthy and clean Workplace

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There are many things that can hinder your business productivity and efficiency, but one of the most basic and important of them all is ‘cleanliness’. Many business owners, may not believe a clean workspace is a pressing issue when running their business, but keeping an office clean at all times, will make your employees more productive, and will keep your customers happy.

Some of the benefits of a clean office include:

  • – Reduction of stress
  • – Improving physical health
  • – Great first impression
  • – and saving time dealing with clutter

That is why we suggest using Adapt w/mPale Antimicrobial™, a new cleaning product that is long lasting, durable and invisible non-toxic surface protectant. It is used to control or eliminate static electricity discharge and significantly reduce bacteria, mold, and mildew that causes deterioration, stains, and odors. Routine use will reduce build-up of dust, dirt, soap residue, and biofilm to enhance facility maintenance.

Adapt w/mPale Antimicrobial™ can be used throughout your office

A short list of equipment, surfaces, and areas that can be treated withAdapt w/mPale Antimicrobial : Environments where office equipment is used, server racks, switches, PC boards, fan units, routers, servers, wiring, cables, highly sensitive electronic and EDP operations, desks, metal, plastic, vinyl, polycarbonates, laminates, counter tops, flooring: carpet – concrete – grout – tile, wood, chairs, clothing, conveyor belts, totes, tables, showers, toilets, sinks, door and water handles, canvas, fabric, trash receptacles, filters, and multiple touch points.

Another great advantage of using Adapt w/mPale Antimicrobial is that not only does it provide touch point surface protection, but it guards against colds, the flu, and viruses. This not only keeps employees safer, it decreases their absenteeism

Stress at work place is common, but if it starts affecting the health of the employee then it is a problem. Working in a clean environment can reduce stress and help you and your employees feel more relaxed, focused and satisfied with their work. To learn more about the amazing benefits this product will bring to your workspace visit here.


DevMar Products is Nashville, Tennessee based company with diverse environmentally friendly and healthy products. We work with Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Hospitality, Corrections, Nursing Homes and other companies. We have experience with Commercial/Industrial businesses as well. Allow our janitorial supplies, biohazard spill kits, green products, dry cleaning powders, and cleaning chemicals help keep your surroundings clean and safe.  Our goal is to meet our customers’ fundamental and growing need for sustainable products and services. We are dedicated to creating healthier, more productive cleaning options with lower burdens on our natural resources. Contact us today to learn why we are the clean source for a safer, healthier environment


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