Sustainability Report

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DevMar Products, LLC, is committed to aligning our business goals with a positive impact on society and a minimal carbon footprint on the environment. How to grow sustainably is the biggest challenge facing companies everywhere. The greatest need of the 21st century is to provide a good standard of living for 7 billion people without depleting the earth’s resources or running up massive levels of public debt. To achieve this, government and business alike will need to find new models of growth which are in both environmental and economic balance. Through rigorous internal policies and active engagement with outside stakeholders, we work to ensure that we live up to our ideals.

We live in a world where temperatures are rising, natural resources are being depleted, species loss is accelerating and the gap between rich and poor is increasing. This is completely unsustainable. Business has to decide what role it wants to play. Does it sit on the sidelines waiting for governments to take action or does it get on the pitch and start addressing these issues?

At DevMar Products, we look forward to working with our customers, industry partners, employees, and shareholders as we help the world run better and improve people’s lives.

In the years ahead, we are positioning ourselves to lead the evolution of our industry and create extraordinary opportunities for our customers and the world around us.

We conduct our business in a manner that supports the need for future generations to enjoy a quality of life that is at least equal to that which we enjoy today. For us, “sustainability” means striking the appropriate balance between our environmental responsibilities, financial performance, and social commitments. Only through achieving this balance on a continuing basis can we be truly sustainable. And that is our goal and commitment to the world.


DevMar Products is Nashville, Tennessee based company with diverse environmentally friendly and healthy products. We work with Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Hospitality, Corrections, Nursing Homes and other companies. We have experience with Commercial/Industrial businesses as well. Allow our janitorial supplies, biohazard spill kits, green products, dry cleaning powders, and cleaning chemicals help keep your surroundings clean and safe.  Our goal is to meet our customers’ fundamental and growing need for sustainable products and services. We are dedicated to creating healthier, more productive cleaning options with lower burdens on our natural resources. Contact us today to learn why we are the clean source for a safer, healthier environment.

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