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SHARON REYNOLDS2012 cropperTHE EDGE: Brought to you by the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

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Sharon Reynolds, CEO

DevMar Products, LLC and DevMar Manufacturing, LLC

A decade-old, woman-owned business that has recently pivoted, DevMar Products LLC shows how strategic planning can transform a business and position you for significant growth.

Q: What is DevMar Products, LLC?

DevMar Products launched in 2007 and DevMar Manufacturing in the summer of 2012. Originally, my customers were businesses in need of janitorial products. However, over the past two years the focus has switched to distributing products that are green, sustainable and environmentally friendly. In 2012, we went a step farther by launching a manufacturing facility to be hands-on in the production and development of our products. We have approximately 10 people, including full- and part-time staff and consultants.

Q: How do you plan for  growth?

A sound strategic plan is imperative for studying growth; however, with a rapidly changing economy, a plan must be reviewed more often than the traditional five years. We are in the middle of a strategic plan that will take our business to the next level. We search for business opportunities outside of the state of Tennessee and are currently working on a project that will involve distribution in 48 states. In our business, we review our plan annually and look 36 months into the future.

Q: Have you faced setbacks by not having a plan?

Early on, the company engaged with the wrong partner. It cautions one to thoroughly understand any potential partners’ core values to ensure that they mirror your own. A solid mission statement, core values and high ethical standard goes a long way in the success of a company. In other words, “we take no wooden nickels” in our business model. This helped me grow as a leader, and I spend a lot of time studying exceptional leadership of those who lead small, medium and large businesses.

Q: How has service impacted your business?

I currently serve as the chair of the Board of Christian Community Services Inc. (CCSI), a mentoring-toward-independence program. This program has been responsible for 126 families moving from substandard housing. Ninety-two of them are now homeowners. Mentor-ship is important for business owners, particularly for me as a woman to mentor other women in business. It is key to leave a legacy of mentor-ship so other women can learn what we know in terms of how to run a business.

Q: How do you go about your planning sessions?

I like to establish the planning session in a relaxing environment away from the office to allow full creativity without distractions. As well, I strive to secure the services of seasoned facilitators who can add depth to the planning process. We are in the second year of solid strategic planning that includes Fortune 500 partners. As a small business, we operate as if we are a Fortune 500 company ourselves. We receive top-level mentoring and advice from the big players.

Q: What kind of goals do you set during a planning session?

As a woman-owned, minority business in the sustainable chemical distribution/ manufacturing arena, we want to work with BIG companies. Our internal “Boulders List” identifies a pipeline of Fortune 500  prospects. With every dollar generated, we designate a percentage toward future investments in staffing, equipment and a permanent facility. Our goal is to build a strategically solid foundation with growth of 20 to 25% per year. As our team grows, we seek key people who are smart and can help move us to the next level.


DevMar Products is Nashville, Tennessee based company with diverse environmentally friendly and healthy products. We work with Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Hospitality, Corrections, Nursing Homes and other companies. We have experience with Commercial/Industrial businesses as well. Allow our janitorial supplies, biohazard spill kits, green products, dry cleaning powders, and cleaning chemicals help keep your surroundings clean and safe.  Our goal is to meet our customers’ fundamental and growing need for sustainable products and services. We are dedicated to creating healthier, more productive cleaning options with lower burdens on our natural resources. Contact us today to learn why we are the clean source for a safer, healthier environment.

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