SpotAwaydry cleaning powder (DCP) is the first all natural mineral absorbent and cleaner designed to absorb, deep clean and remove oil and grease spots from driveways, parking spaces and drive thrus’ without water. Over 8 years in the making, SpotAway is the innovative answer for distraught homeowners and businesses that discover oil drippings on their drive and immediately perceive that they will never get the stain out and the driveway is ruined!

SpotAway meets all the criteria from the EPA regarding Phase 2 storm water run-off rules. That is…”if you put it down you have to pick it up”. This includes pressure washing waste water for business

How it works

  1. Absorbs oil in lieu of emulsification (typical spot cleaning is done with liquid degreasers and actually spreads the stain deep down and is a common mistake for removing a spot).
  2. Once the excess oil is removed the mini-micron size of SpotAwaywill work its way into the pores and cosmetically change the black stain to a pleasing light brown.
  3. Once Mother Nature arrives and rainfall hits the spot, bio-enhancers will activate along with built in cleaning agents (SpotAwayfeels moist when handled) and internal oil in the pores will be released onto the absorbent.
  4. Once the surface is dry the concrete looks as if it was successfully pressure washed.

 SpotAway™ is simple and easy to use and will save time and money. It is the homeowners answer for a quick fix and business owners will have an easily trainable and time saving solution for cleaning parking spaces or any other contaminated surfaces while being EPA compliant.