Safety Sweep™ Floor Sweep & Absorbent is a risk management tool that quickly removes grease and reduces liability for slips & falls. It is the only dry phase hydrophobic ceramic absorbent that will remove grease and oil from hard surfaces without the use of water.

Safety Sweep™ Floor Sweep & Absorbent is a 100% all-natural earthen product. It is comprised of an engineered ceramic (patent pending) containing a soft scrubbing exterior with internal chambers that lock in grease and oil. The exterior is wetted with d ‘limonene (an orange peel extract) which provides natural odor reduction and promotes pest control.

To use, Safety Sweep™ Floor Sweep & Absorbent is simply sprinkled over the aff­ected area – swept – and disposed of. The result is an immediate and significant increase in floor friction. The process is completed in minutes and provides a quick fix for employee safety (particularly during rush hours). No mop bucket – cones – pushing greasy water – extended work stoppage – or waiting for the odor to dry!

Safety Sweep™ Floor Sweep & Absorbent is also designed for routine removal of oil and grease “down under” fryers, counters, or other equipment (hot spots for inspectors).

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