Clean Up®

Clean Up® Biohazard Absorbent is an Emergency Response Tool for effective removal of significant biohazard incidents and prevention of slips and falls from common spills throughout facilities. The technology behind Clean Up® was designed to reduce time, cost, labor, and odors involving bodily fluid accidents, as well as reduce corporate liability.

Clean Up® Biohazard Absorbent:

  • Absorbs both liquids and oils. A new ceramic process allows the product to remove many times its weight.
  • Solidifies liquid waste. This means that the waste is not only absorbed but is now dry enough to be easily swept and collected.
  • Encapsulates odors. Natural protein-based agents in Clean Up® capture offensive gases and restrict them from becoming airborne.
  • Cleans the contaminated surface. Once the body fluids or wastes are removed, additional product can be applied to penetrate porous surfaces.
  • Reduces liability by quickly eliminating dangerous biohazardous liquid and oil spills and immediately increasing floor friction.

Clean Up® Biohazard Absorbent is protected by an EPA registered disinfectant and antimicrobial barrier and will hold captured contaminants. Clean Up® is considered non-leaching in landfills.

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