Adapt ISB

ADAPT ISB™ is a long lasting, durable and invisible non-toxic surface protectant. It is used to control or eliminate static electricity discharge and significantly reduce bacteria, mold, and mildew that causes deterioration, stains, and odors. Routine use will reduce build-up of dust, dirt, soap residue, and biofilm to enhance facility maintenance.

ADAPT ISB™ can be applied to virtually any surface other than GLASS. It is also not approved for food contact surfaces such as cutting boards and commercial food prep vessels. The “Rule of Thumb” for application sites are typically any touch point or surface prone to electrical static discharge or contamination due to microbial intrusion.

ADAPT ISB™ Invisible Static Barrier is difficult to remove. Routine daily cleaners have little effect on degradation. However, the rate of friction does matter. Low friction treated sites can easily last up to 90 plus days. High friction sites may need to be treated monthly to bi-weekly.

Download ADAPT ISB™ Brochure